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A Brief History of Mortis City:

Early 2007, The Mortis City Hearse Club was founded by Grimm, Joe, and John.

August 17th, 2007: We became allies with The Dead Society as a brother club.

July 13th, 2009: Grimm stepped down as President and appointed Scary Guy successor.

July 19th, 2009: We officially became a member of the National Hearse and Ambulance Associaton.

September 17th, 2011: We came togehter with other hearse clubs to help establish a world record in the Guinness Book of World Records.

August 01st, 2014: We parted ways with the National Hearse and Ambulance Associaton (but still wish them the best).


Member Rules

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The Mortis City Website:

This site is designed to work primarily with Mozilla Firefox with full functionality, however it has also been tested and has proven to work in Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and Lynx. It should theoretically work in any other modern browser as well. This site is designed to work with almost any monitor resolution down to a minimum of 800X600. Most areas of the site should work fine with dialup, however we recommend visiting our gallery with nothing less than a cable/DSL connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions version

About Mortis City:

Q. Who are you people and what is this hearse thing about?

A. We are like minded individuals who own and have a similar interest in and affinity for hearses/funeral related things who like having fun and have grouped together to better facilitate the sharing of ideas.


Q. Do you have events and meetings?

A. Yes, we go to car shows, have get togethers, barbecues, hang out at night clubs, and cruise around town. To find out about these events you can check the calender on the main page.


Q. Are you into haunted houses/the haunt industry/film production.

A. Some of us are and some of us aren't. Some people like the cars just for the cars and hate all the skulls/death while others love the cars and anything related to the haunt industry and/or film production as well.


Q. Are you people gothic?

A. Some of our members call themselves that. If you can define what "gothic" is then we'll tell you if we are or not (in other words, it depends on the member but as a general rule, no we are not).


Q. Do you rob graves? Are you into necrophilia?

A. NO! While some of our members may joke about it we do not approve of those or any other acts which disrespect the deceased and furthermore have no respect for those who do.

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Joining Mortis City:

Q. I joined the mailing list and/or signed the guest book and/or went to an event and/or a member gave me a button. Am I a member now?

A. No, you have to actually request to become a member to be put on the official member roster.


Q. I just joined the NHAA forum, am I a member now?

A. No, you actually have to join Mortis City, not the national orginazation we belong to.


Q. I just joined the NHAA as a member in another club, does that make me a part of your club too?

A. No, it doesn't, if it did there would be no need for a national orginazation. You are in a brother club though and we welcome you as that.


Q. Can we join your club too if we're in another club/the NHAA?

A. Yes, If you move into our area (within 60 miles of Detroit in the state of Michigan).


Q. How do I request membership and actually join then?

A. Just e-mail us your name, address, phone number, and the make, model, and year of your hearse with a picture of it. A picture of yourself would be nice as well but it's not required. You can also talk to any senior member in person and tell them you wish to join. Finally, you can post in our subforum on the NHAA (forum registration required).


Q. Does joining your club mean I'm a member of the NHAA?

A. Yes


Q. I'm close enough to make it to events but have a very busy schedule and can't make most/any of them.

A. While we would prefer you to attend as many of our events as possible, you don't have to attend many events to be a member although we're not sure why you would want to join if you can't make events. On top of that the less events that you make, the lower your ranking in the club. Two events a year isn't much to ask, if you can't make that then don't bother applying.

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Membership in Mortis City:

Q. Can I belong to any other hearse clubs as well?

A. Yes, however you cannot hold a high office position if you hold an office in any other clubs. You also have to pledge your alegence to our club over any others. The obvious exception to this rule is the NHAA.


Q. What are the restrictions for members who want to modify their hearses?

A. There are none, go as crazy with them as you want or keep them original. It's completely up to you.


Q. What are the member ranks?

A. Position and power in the club are determined by the following:

  1. Specially assigned ranks (for certain people who have contributed a lot or do certain things for the club). Current ranks are President, Vice President, Chairmen. Founder is a honorary title bestowed to those that founded the club and cannot be removed.
  2. How active you are and the amount of time you have put into events and helping with the club (more time put in is better and may also earn or raise you a rank).
  3. The date you originally joined (note that quitting and rejoining later means the time between the original date and the new date is removed.)
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Q. Do you charge any fees or dues?

A. No.


Q. Do you accept donations?

A. Donations are graciously accepted in person and will be thrown into the clubs coffer. Also if we hold an event you can volunteer if you want but it's in no way required (Example: at a barbecue, you can bring food or drinks). Online donations are currently accepted through Bitcoin at this address: 1EZJbNBGdm9JhmwpC3aoMULfYKMpckNE3t


Q. Do you make anything off the merchandise you sell?

A. Every item purchased in the store donates one dollar ($1.00) USD to the clubs coffer. The rest goes to pay for the item purchaced.


Q. What does the money go to?

A. Club events, parties, domain name registration for the website/hosting, anything else club related.


Q. Does any of the money go to the NHAA?

A. We may donate to them for hosting our site, other than that not unless we go in on them for something for all the clubs (like shirts/patches or something to that affect).

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Buying a Hearse:

Q. Where should I look to buy a hearse?

A. You should try E-Bay Motors, Craig's List, the NHAA forums, and C. W. Coach for starters. Be sure to shop around as you not only find the best value, but it increases your chances of getting what you really want as well. Don't jump on the first sweet deal you see either just because it's there, wait for something that really catches your heart. Anyway this is our quick and dirty version. For a more detailed version visit Hearseclub.com's buying guide.


Q. What is the going rate for a new/used hearse.

A. New hearses (less than 5 years old) typically go for between $60,000 and $75,000. I've heard the really nice professional ones go for up to $100,000. Ones between 10 and 5 years go for between $20,000 and $50,000. Most older hearses go for around 2,000-5,000. Any less and it's probably on its way out, any more and you're overpaying unless it's got something rare about it. They vary with age, features, the condition of the car, and amount produced of that type. Obviously everything is only worth what the market is willing to pay for it and it's true, you do get what you pay for.

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Renting a Hearse:

Q. Do you rent out your hearses?

A. Some members do, and some members don't, however you'll have to contact them individually to find out. The contact info for most members is provided on the member roster.

Q. Can we contact you about rentals?

A. You can contact us directly through the contact page. When doing so please provide the date and time of the event and where the event is taking place. I will then try to find a member willing to take the job for you (IF I can).

Q. What is the cost to rent a hearse?

A. It depends on the member really. However remember that our time is valuable, so the length of the event plus getting to and from the event should be factored in, as well as the gas used and wear and tear on the car.

Q. Does the club make anything off of rentals?

A. Members can keep all the money they make or donate some/all of it to the club to help with our own events, it's completely up to them.

Q. What are the different types of event rentals?

A. These can range anywhere from movie shoots, weddings/proms, and taxi limo service to just letting it sit for a few hours in the front of a haunted house/party as a prop. Surprisingly due to liability reasons WE CAN NOT DO FUNERALS!

Q. Are there any other places that will rent hearses?

A. You can try some of the other hearse clubs. I really wish I could be of more help and I'm trying to put together a database of owners.


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Hearse Facts:

Q. What is the difference between a "hearse" and a "hurst"?

A. Hurst is a type of shifter, a band, another band, a safety company, a boiler company, a chemical company, a woman who writes children's books, and even a city in Texas. However it is not a funeral coach, that is a hearse.


Q. Are they really that hard to drive and park?

A. Little side mirrors meant for the original car, no rear side windows (and those that are there have curtains on them), and an extended chassis (body) don't make it that easy. Not to mention if you have a casket in it, it can block your view of the rear window as well. So yes, but you get used to it after a while.


Q. Do they use a lot of gas?

A. These cars like gas as a fat man likes cake, especially the older ones which tend to be more hungry than most. These weren't built for long road trips and they're meant to carry a heavy weight (the car body is heavy enough as it is without a casket in the back) so they generally have V8 engines in them that will eat a ton of gas. The older ones also require a lead additive in the fuel mixture to function correctly as well (it can really screw up your engine without it in the fuel mixture.)


Q. Are strobe/beacon lights legal, and if so what colors?

A. Strobe lights are only legal if you're parked (and off a public road, though I'm still checking into that). On private property they are perfectly legal. If you're actually in a funeral procession then the only colors that are legal are amber and purple (the purple varies by state). The car is to travel only from the funeral home to the church/cemetery with at least one car following the front funeral coach (or else it's not a procession), and only during the hours of daylight. But this is just the information I found for Michigan. Check your local county and city ordinances for exact rules.


Q. Is it legal to dispaly the funeral flags.

A. We have found no law saying that you can't, but don't blame us if a cop messes with you over it. Again be sure to check local county and city ordinances for exact rules.


Q. What are "Bier/berrer pins" / "casket/coffin stops"

A. These are the pins that keep the casket in place during transportation. They go on the ends of the casket and have pads on them. One is flat and the other adjusts like a vice. They fit into holes in the bed of the hearse and keep it quite still.


Q. What is a moving table/bed, what is an "electric table"?

A. A moving table/bed is one that slides out to help facilitate the loading of the casket. An electric table is one that has a motor on it which automates the table movement in and out of the car.


Q. What is the difference between an "end loader" and a "three way"

A. An end loader hearse is the typical one where you load the casket from the rear "end" of the car. A three way means you can remove the casket from either side of the hearse as well. "Three ways" have reversed "suicide" doors for the rear side doors, no partition between the front and back, and a moving table/bed. An "electric three way" is just what it sounds like, a three way with an electric table.


Q. What is "commercial glass"?

A. Most hearses come with commercial glass which means the glass used in the windows is taller than the glass on standard vehicles of that type. This is because the roof is raised to allow more room for the casket. There is also generally more headroom in the front as well. Typically it's also more expensive to replace than standard glass because it has to be custom made.


Q. What is an "ambulance hearse" / "combination car"?

A. These were hearses designed to double as ambulances in small towns and communities. The funeral home would double as the doctors office. The side panels on the car come off revealing windows and there are pull up seats in the bed. Plugs for medical equipment and heating and cooling run to the back as well.


Q. What is a "flower car"?

A. These are coaches that can carry a casket, however they have an open back end (like a truck bed or El Camino) for carrying flowers either on top of the casket, or following the front coach which carries the casket.


Q. Are there haunted hearses?

A. No, though some people might claim other wise. The theory here is that spirits of the dead will hang around places they know and are used to, generally where they lived and went when they were alive. They probably don't want to hang out in a funeral coach/cemetery unless they were a former enthusiast like we are, in which case you can relax because you're in good company.

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